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90 Degree Corner & T-Type Joints Corner Clamp

90 Degree Corner & T-Type Joints Corner Clamp Item NO.: 764922

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90 Degree Corner & T-Type Joints Corner Clamp
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Product Name 90 Degree Corner & T-Type Joints Corner Clamp
Item NO. 764922
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category all products > Hand Tools
Creation Time 2020-10-06

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The ORMITE 90° corner clamp gives you the helping hand you need to hold 90° corners and “T” joints together securely when you’re assembling boxes, drawers, cabinets and cases.

Plus, the 90° corner clamp leaves both of your hands free to add your fasteners. The 90° corner clamp is the fastest, easiest-to-use corner clamp you can buy thanks to ORMITE auto-adjusting technology.


  • EASY TO USE: The 90° Corner & “T” Joints Corner Clamp is the fastest, easiest-to-use corner clamp with auto-adjusting technology that adjusts the clamp automatically to the thickness of your work pieces — up to 1" thick.

  • VARIOUS OCCASION: Get the helping hand you need to hold 90º corners and “T” joints together securely when you’re assembling boxes, drawers, cabinets and cases. 

  • LEAVE HANDS FREE: The 90° Corner & “T” Joints Corner Clamp leaves both of your hands free to add your fasteners as you assemble your projects using it.

  • STABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: The 90° Corner & “T” Joints Corner Clamp features all-metal construction, including cast-aluminum pads—an outer "V" and inner wedge—that press against the inside and outside faces of the two pieces being joined in order to hold those pieces at a 90° angle to one another. 


  • Clamping Capacity: 90° corner and “T” joints in materials up to 1" thick

Helps hold assemblies like boxes, cabinets, drawers and cases

Helps hold assemblies to ensure that you get strong, tight-fitting assemblies—whether you’re using pocket-hole joinery or another method. The V-wedge jaws grip the mating pieces securely, ensuring that the pieces sit at precise 90° angles while you drive in Screws, or even another type of fastener, such as a nail or wood screw.

  • Materials: Forged, heat-treated steel, cast aluminum, "V" and Wedge, padded grips

Durable heat-treated steel construction

Features all-metal construction, including cast-aluminum pads—an outer "V" and inner wedge—that press against the inside and outside faces of the two pieces being joined in order to hold those pieces at a 90° angle to one

 another. Edge stops help align the edges of the pieces to ensure accurate assembly of structures like boxes, cabinets, drawers, and cases.

  • Adjustment Knob: Provides easy-to-regulate clamping pressure

Clamp adjusts automatically to match material thickness

Thanks to ORMITE auto-adjust technology, all you have to do is squeeze the clamp handles. The clamp will automatically close with the amount of pressure you have set, regardless of the material, whether you’re using thin plywood for drawers, or materials up  to 1" thick.


Item Package: Quantity:1
Item Weight: 1.37 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.25 x 4.14 inches
Size: 1-1/4"
Included Components: 90° Corner Clamp
Batteries Required? No


  • 1 x  90° Corner & “T” Joints Corner Clamp


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Just as described perfect for every job I've done so far.



as described not used it yet but from weight and look it will do the job easy to swap the socket size and long enough i can use it at most angles and alsp straight down which is what i needed



Lightweight and versatile



The sliding pin system in this socket works pretty well for using with more unusual shapes and sizes of bolts. Not sure I would have it totally replace a full socket set, but when you're missing that one socket you need and don't have a hour to track it down, having this on hand can be great. The packaging in comes in is pretty minimal (I think mine came in just a plastic baggy). But it seems to do the job fine.



Overall the product is excellent and very well made and handy.I purchased this socket set to work on my bike hub axle bolts. They are 15mm and this socket set does NOT include a 15mm socket. For that reason, I returned the product.If one had a 15mm socket I would gladly buy again.John Lapoint



Great wrench; nice quality good value does the job¬



Used for lawn mower repairs



Doesn't fit may of the UK nuts and bolts.



100% 👍👍👍👍👍👍



No comment



Ergonomic design that'll save you numerous headaches if used correctly!



Great value for money. Ideal for small jobs like bicycles etc. Handy that you don't need several spanners or sockets. Handy tool to have in the toolbox.



Just what i needed for camper wheels.



The Universal Socket Wrench Set 7-19mm Multi-function Hand Tools Universal Repair Tools Kit,105 Degree Right Angle Extension Power Screwdriver Drill Attachment 1/4 Drive 6mm Hex Magnetic Bit (4 pack) comes package simply in a baggie. No waste, I like that. The title is slightly a misnomer - it's not a four-pack of four sockets, but it is four pieces in the kit. I had a similar socket to that years ago, but the pins on it were not very strong. I've used this on a couple of different bolts so far, including an eye bolt, which is where these types of sockets shine. The pins slid smoothly around the odd shape of the eye bolt and allowed me to drive it into the beam. I would not recommend using this type of socket with an impact driver however, the pins are not going to stand up to impact. Using it with a standard type of socket wrench it works just fine and can take a bit of force. I haven't had an occasion to use the angle driver yet, but I have had several times in the past where one of those would come in handy, so I am glad I have it for when I need it. The action of the angle driver is smooth and feels tight enough that it will hold up.



Does the job with a bit of a wobble.



Great bit off kit. I use the 90 tool all the time.



This is a great little pocket sort of tool that is great to stash in a junk drawer or even in a proper spot with the tools. Multifunctional tools are always incredibly handy when one is working on a project when it comes to avoiding the despair of having that one tool you forgot to bring. No, it doesn't have everything, but it's been very useful for small projects about the house.



The wrench arrived with one of the four retaining bolts missing. Found it in the package and was able to repair the wrench. Seems fine now that I fixed it but not what I would expect.



This seems like one of those products you’d see on a late night TV infomercial - something that looks awesome in theory, but terrible in practice. Fortunately, that’s not the case at all... this thing works great! I used this to replace some hex head screws on my garage door that were starting to get loose/stripped and it was able to grip and remove them with no issues at all. No more fumbling around with different sizes trying to get the right hex bit (especially since I’ve lost a few of those bits over the years). I tested it out on a few more hex nuts around the house and it worked just as well.Overall, I’m very happy with this product. It’s a great addition to any toolkit. Highly recommended.



I'm not a mechanic, nor do I build furniture. I just don't need a gazillion specific socket tools. I don't even need them to be the highest quality possible. I'm pretty certain pros will be looking elsewhere for their tools. Having said that, I have absolutely no complaints with this at all. I use socket wrenches rarely, but it's aggravating not to have the size I need when I do. So the price is right for me. I also like that I can use it on odd shapes, which is more likely in my life. I recommend this set for household use, and it's found a permanent place in my little toolbox. Just know before you buy that, if you're looking for something that will stand up to longterm professional use, you'll probably need to consider another set, and pay a lot more.